13 april 2012

The 60's called...

... they wanted their values back.

So, hubby and I went to see Hunger Games last week. And I must say I am really satisfied with the result! The book is of course - as always - a lot better but I still think that even the film version was of good standard. My husband thought it was a little slow, but I thought it was fantastic. However, I am also not quite as sensitive to slow movie sections as he is. I do wonder as bit though, how the movie was if you have not read the books. Do you understand everything or do you miss a lot of subtle messages?

But what's mainly been bothering me about this movie however, is actually not the movie itself, but rather the twitter debate that has raged in the United States about Rue. Rue is described in the book to have "dark brown skin" but apparently the reading comprehension levels have decreased so rapidly as of lately  that many people missed that detail. But that's not the main problem. Okay, so maybe one can miss that kind of important detail but then when it turns out that Rue is played by a dark-skinned girl, a person in their right mind should be thinking "Oh, she was back? I missed that. What do you know.End of story.
You would think. But no. Instead of accepting the fact and moving on, people log on to the Internet and post awful and rastistic tweets about how they do not want to see the film, that it ruined the whole movie or the most disgusting thing of all - that Rue's death was not as sad as they'd imagined - because of the color of her skin. 

Hence, the 60's called... Seriously, people... Haven't we gotten further than this?

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