23 mars 2011


I am somewhat of a "saver". Not a hoarder as in having loads and loads of stuff lying around and not being able to walk in my own apartment. But a saver as in not using things the moment I buy them, especially if they're very pretty or I've anticipated them for a long time. Clothes and shoes are examples of this. I buy a really nice pair of shoes but I leave them practically unused because I want to "save" them for a special event.

This being a book blogg, my relation to shoes are really unimportant, but this saver behavior of mine can also be applied to books. I have a lot of great (at least I think so) novels just sitting on my shelf (for example Delirium by Lauren Oliver) but I haven't read them yet because I've "saved" them. I want to have that great reading experience ahead of me. And sometimes I feel that if I've just finished a great novel, I can being a new one right away out of respect for the awesome one I just read. I'm weird.

So now, I'm picking up one of my 'to be saved'-novels and hope it was worth the wait.

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