21 mars 2011


I got Melissa Marr's "Fragile Eternity" in the mail today. True to my habit, I opened the book, read the first sentence and then just flipped through the book when I stumbled onto something that really caught my eye. SWEDISH! In an English book!

A skogsrå. Obviously called Britta. First of all, it's not really a commonly used word although the word in itself is not unusual, but you just don't talk about huldras that often. Secondly, it contains letters not even used in English and thirdly there is another word for it in English (huldra).

I can see how that, for someone having a large language such as English as mother tongue, finding one's language in a book written in another language may not be very exciting, but for me whose mother tongue is not spoken by very many people on this earth, it was really cool. And for some reason it made me proud.

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