8 maj 2011


The observant person might notice that The Hunger Games are featured twice on my "Books read"-list and that Catching Fire can be found in "Read books" as well as "Currently Reading". Why? one might wonder. Well, that's easy. 

You see, I read installments one and two in Swedish the first time. I had actually ordered The Hunger Games in English (US version) from a Swedish online bookstore (bokus.com), but the delivery took forever so I ended up buying the Swedish paperback in an actual bookstore in town instead, because I just couldn't wait. However, after I'd finished the first two parts, part three was not yet available in Swedish. Sigh! That's why I got the US hardbacks instead in a nice boxed set.

Since I did read the first two in Swedish and the last one was only available to me in English, I decided I wanted to read the first two in original language too, as was my first intention anyway. Although I understand books written i Swedish perfectly fine, it being my mother tongue and all, there are still terms and concepts that have been translated and I felt it better to read the first two books in English as well, so that when I start with Mockingjay I understand that the title actually refers to the bird. In the Swedish translation this is not evident since they're translated into härmskrika (which is actually a pretty neat translation) and the Swedish title of the last novel in the series is Revolt.

But I tell you, it does not matter what language one might read this series in, it still kicks some serious butt.

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