5 juni 2011

Nothing In My Mailbox

You heard me! I've got nothing in my mailbox this week. Why? you might wonder. Are you not buying any books? Are you actually ad-hearing to your book buying ban? No no! It's just that my ordered books didn't reach me on time. I don't want to blame the postal service for this, because there are special circumstances at play here.

We've had (and still do) a really long weekend, so long it almost borders a short holiday. 5 days off of work and school! Thursday was the Ascension of Jesus, a public holiday, or as we call it a "red day" because it's red in the calender. (No post delivered on red days!) Then Saturday and Sunday are the ordinary days of the weekends. So, what about the Friday? Well, a Friday between a red day and a weekend is usually a day off for many people. We call it klämdag ("squeeze day"), because it is squeezed in between the red Thursday and the weekend. Okay, so that's a 4-day-weekend, you argue. And that would be correct. But then you didn't see the Monday coming.

This year the Monday after the Ascension of Jesus happens to fall on June 6th. The National Day of Sweden! Which is a red day celebrated in memory of Gustav Vasa being elected king of Sweden on June 6th in 1523, thus securing Swedish sovereignty ever since. Now that's something worth celebrating (although we're not very good at it, compare to our Norwegian neighbors anyway).

Myself, as this is being published, I can be found quite a few miles farther south than usually. You see, I am taking the opportunity to go abroad when presented with such a long holiday. This blog post has been written earlier in the week and is scheduled to be published now, as I saunter around Lübeck enjoying the summer sun.

I do hope you got some great books for me to be jealous about, though. Tell me!

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