5 juli 2011

UK / US / Sweden

I do love book covers, always have. Rather often I make decisions on what book to buy based on the cover. Usually, the US and UK covers are different and I often like one a lot more than the other. I can ever wait a few months longer for a book to get the prettier cover. A lot of bloggers do cover comparisons and it is a feature that I really like, so I though should start my own. I got so many nice reactions when I posted Swedish covers for If I Stay and Where She Went so I though I'd add some Swedish covers too...

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

UK / US / Sweden

I really don't like the UK cover. The whole color scheme is not appealing to me at all, too orange. The Swedish cover is rather pretty (and of course I love the title - Helena) but I don't really see how it connects to the story. So for me, the US cover is the winner. I love everything about it and it definitely screams Greek mythology.

What do you think?

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