4 augusti 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

I know, I know, we might have been the last people on earth to go and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, but during the weekend me and my husband went to catch it at the movies. If you, against all odds, have not yet seen the movie - stop reading now as this post will contain spoilers.

I have loved the movies, all of them, and I think that this was a worthy ending to a great series. Finally, Ron and Hermione got together. We've only been waiting for a few movies now...

But that was not my favorite part. That was Snape's memory in the pensieve. I'm so glad that he finally got his vindication. When he Avada Kedavra'd Dumbledore in part 1, I was utterly convinced that it was all part of some elaborate scam and that Dumbledoer was in on it. I'm so glad I was right! That memory scene might have been the best during the entire series, if you ask me.And I was very moved that Harry had named one of his children Severus.

I am, however, not suffering from PPD (Post-Potter Depression) although they actually had a spot on the news about it. It's almost actually the other way around; I am no more interested. I have to admit that I've only read the first two books, back when they were first published, but now I've got all of the audio books (on mp3) narrated by the fantastic Stephen Fry and I listen to them a lot now that me and my husband work on renovation our new (yet very old) house. We've gotten to HP and the Goblet of Fire so far.

My husband is not as thrilled as I am, since they're in English and all, so he's just letting me play it to be nice, but I love it. You know, it's like an extended version of the movies, you get to know so much more.

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  1. I just saw the movie and I loved it as much as you did. Like you, I was so happy to finally be able to see Snape's point of view and what he experienced. I was so sad when the movie was over. =( What a perfect ending to a fantastic series, though!


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