26 april 2011

Book faux pas

Happy Easter to all of you (or Glad Påsk as we say in Sweden). I hope you had a nice holiday and some extra free time. I know I did. I went about 300 km (aprox. 286 miles) southeast to my in-laws for Easter, as per tradition. Winter has finally let go and left room for spring. The evenings are bright, the trees are green and the air is warm. A lot of time was spent outside enjoying my favorite season. What would then be a better spring activity (besides walking through the fields of wood anemones) than reading? Right? Well, it was just that I made the worst book faux pas a book nerd could ever do. I forgot to bring a book!

So sadly, I don't have any new reviews at the moment, because I haven't read a book since Wednesday last week. I'm almost experiencing withdrawal symptoms. On the upside though, I do have Easter break this week and hopefully I will be able to squeeze some reading in between all of the essays I have to grade.

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