3 april 2011

Dagens i-landsproblem

In Swedish we have a little something called "Dagens i-landsproblem" (sort of translates to 'the industrialized country problem of the day'), which is when we complain about little things in our everyday lives that bother us, but if you think about it are just rather spoiled to complain about, given the "real" problems that many people in other parts of the world face every day, like not having food or water or have your home destroyed in a war.

Now I will present you with one of these "Dagens i-landsproblem" of my own. I might be a bit picky and conventional but it really does disturb me when books in the same series don't match. It really does. Like two of the books I received this week: 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth' and 'The dead-tossed waves' by Carrie Ryan.

Although both are paperback, both for the same market (US/Canada) and both are from the same publisher (Delacorte Press) they differ in size! The themes and colors and such on the covers match just fine, but the books themselves differ in size! The Dead-Tossed Waves is about half a centimeter bigger all around (in height and width). One can argue that half a centimeter can't make that big a difference, but in the bookshelf it does.

That bugs me.

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