16 april 2011

Library envy

I envy you people living in an English-speaking country because you seem to have great libraries. I'm not saying that our libraries in Sweden are bad, but they generally don't have as many English titles, given the fact that English is indeed not our mother tongue and most people seem to prefer reading books in their own language.

There are English books, sure, but usually not the newest and hottest titles. Perhaps they have some in the larger libraries in for example Stockholm, but not in the small library where I live. And waiting for the books to be translated into Swedish will keep you waiting - maybe forever. The market for books in Swedish just isn't comparable in size to the English-speaking market, for natural reasons.

Don't get me wrong - I love owning my books! But with a new car and potential house-buying in the overseeable future I might be looking at cutting down on my book-buying. Sigh.

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