16 september 2011

Long vs short chapters

I prefer a book with more but shorter chapters over a book with few and long ones. My reading always progresses much shorter with longer chapters, as odd as it may sound. But if I read on the train on my way to work or just before bedtime, I usually look at the length of the upcoming chapter and decide if I'm to start it or not. If it's short I most probably will but if I find it too long I won't bother because I will no be able to finish all of it anyway and I don't like stopping the reading mid-through a chapter. Short chaptered books thus are often faster reads for me. 

The book I'm currently reading has rather long chapters and it's taken me forever to read because I don't bother to open the book and read just a few pages and not coming to any kind of ending. Not even a cliffhanger ending but almost mid-sentence. I'm all for short chapters. How about you?

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